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Giving a Basil Bangs gift card is more than just a gesture of kindness; it's an invitation to embrace a lifestyle that harmoniously blends the beauty of nature with the elegance of design. Founded in 2010 by the visionary duo Mike Durante and Krista Huebner, Basil Bangs has established itself as a purveyor of premium outdoor homewares that inspire the imagination and enrich life amidst nature.

When you give a Basil Bangs gift card, you are offering someone the opportunity to select from a range of products that are not just aesthetically pleasing but are also embodiments of sustainability and longevity.

Select the value and deliver a Basil Bang Gift Card today. It's more than a present; it's the joy of living life with a smile.

  • Basil Bangs US Gift Cards are valid indefinitely, with no expiry date, giving our customers the freedom to choose the perfect time for their purchase.
  • No additional charges are applied to the purchase or use of the Basil Bangs US Gift Card, guaranteeing total transparency and maximum value for the recipient.
  • The balance of the Basil Bangs US Gift Card can be used until it is used up. Remaining amounts are kept on the card for future purchases. Cash refunds of unused balances will not be made.
  • The Basil Bangs US Gift Card can be used to purchase any furniture and accessories on only, with the exception of new gift cards.

A Basil Bangs gift card is a thoughtful, versatile, and responsible gift choice. It's ideal for any occasion, be it a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or a special milestone, offering the recipient the freedom to choose something that they will truly love and use for years to come. It's a gift that not only brings joy but also encourages a deeper appreciation for the art of outdoor living and the beauty of our natural world.

Available in various values, our gift cards are easy to purchase online and can be delivered directly via email. It's convenience and thoughtfulness wrapped into one, ensuring your gift is as special as the person receiving it.