4 products

4 products

Established in 2010, Basil Bangs has become a hallmark for luxurious outdoor homewares, crafting pieces that ignite creativity and enhance outdoor living experiences. Basil Bangs has carved out a distinctive niche, merging artistic expression with functional outdoor essentials, prioritizing high-quality materials, striking designs, and unwavering craftsmanship. Our products are designed for daily enjoyment, blending indoor elegance with the resilience needed for outdoor use.

Discover the Sundial+ Umbrella Collection

The Sundial+ collection showcases an array of premium outdoor umbrellas, each featuring a sophisticated timber-look aluminium finish enhanced by advanced Interpon technology. These umbrellas combine aesthetic appeal with practicality, offering scratch-resistant, matte finishes that emulate the beauty of natural wood without requiring its maintenance. Designed to endure diverse climates, these umbrellas are perfect for both residential and commercial settings, ensuring durability with their sturdy aluminum frames and marine-grade components.

Built for Sustainability and Style

Emphasizing environmental responsibility, the Sundial+ umbrellas are crafted with recyclable materials and are engineered to offer long-lasting performance and minimal environmental impact. The collection includes models like the 79" Sundial+ in various color schemes, each providing substantial shade with a 79" square canopy and a height of 102". These umbrellas are not only functional with their lightweight and weather-resistant design but also stylish, making them an ideal choice for enhancing outdoor spaces while supporting sustainable practices.