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7 products

Basil Bangs Double Caspar Umbrella, Commercial & Home UPF50+ Umbrella in Sage/Salt (110" Diameter Canopy)

Established in 2010, Basil Bangs has become a hallmark for luxurious outdoor homewares, crafting pieces that ignite creativity and enhance outdoor living experiences. Basil Bangs has carved out a distinctive niche, merging artistic expression with functional outdoor essentials, prioritizing high-quality materials, striking designs, and unwavering craftsmanship. Our products are designed for daily enjoyment, blending indoor elegance with the resilience needed for outdoor use.

Discover the Caspar Umbrella Collection

Explore the Caspar Umbrella Collection, featuring a range of sizes from 79" to 110" canopies, tailored for diverse outdoor settings. This collection is renowned for its durability and style, equipped with marine-grade materials and available in a variety of designs including the straight valance and keyhole models. Each umbrella offers UPF50+ sun protection, ensuring that your outdoor spaces remain both comfortable and stylish.

Built to Last in Canadian Climates

The Caspar umbrellas are designed with any climate in mind, featuring robust aluminum frames and stainless steel fixtures to withstand varying weather conditions. The collection includes models like the 2m square Caspar, perfect for both commercial environments and cozy residential areas. With their easy-to-use double pulley systems and UV-stable components, these umbrellas promise longevity and ease, enhancing any patio, backyard, or poolside area.