Basil Bangs umbrellas are designed for robust outdoor use in the backyard and patio.

UV Standard 801

Elevating sun protection with UV Standard 801.

Discover the robust UV protection our umbrellas offer, certified by the rigorous UV Standard 801 for your peace of mind.

At Basil Bangs, our commitment to quality and protection is paramount. Our fabrics for umbrellas proudly meet the rigorous UV Standard 801, ensuring they provide exceptional UV protection under real-world conditions, including when wet, stretched, or after prolonged exposure. This certification guarantees our umbrellas not only elevate outdoor aesthetics but also offer superior safeguarding against harmful UV rays, embodying our dedication to your well-being and comfort in the sun.

Advanced UV Protection

Our umbrellas are certified by UV Standard 801, offering unparalleled defense against UV rays in any condition.

Real-World Assurance

Tested for efficacy when wet, stretched, or aged, ensuring consistent protection over time.

Peace of Mind

Enjoy the outdoors with confidence, knowing you're shielded by fabric that meets rigorous safety standards.

Quality Commitment

This certification reflects our dedication to providing products that blend high functionality with exceptional durability.

Sustainable Safety

Embrace environmental responsibility with our eco-friendly materials that don't compromise on UV protection.

While UPF50+ shade significantly reduces UV exposure, incorporating sunscreen into your protection strategy is essential. It ensures coverage against both direct sunlight and UV rays reflected from surfaces around you, offering a comprehensive shield for your skin.