Veriu Hotel (Australia)

The Veriu Hotel in Camperdown, known for its chic urban charm, has recently enhanced its outdoor aesthetic with a stylish addition. They have chosen the Go Large 1.9m umbrella in Chaplin Stripe, a selection that aligns seamlessly with the contemporary and sophisticated ethos of the hotel.

This Go Large umbrella, with its generous 1.9-meter canopy, is designed to provide ample shade, making it an ideal choice for the hotel's outdoor lounging and dining areas. The Chaplin Stripe pattern adds a classic yet modern touch, its linear design creating a visual appeal that complements the urban surroundings of Camperdown.

The choice of the Chaplin Stripe pattern is more than just a functional decision; it's a reflection of the Veriu Hotel's commitment to detail and style. The stripes, evoking a sense of elegance and timelessness, work in perfect harmony with the hotel's overall design language, which is both sleek and inviting.