The Ville Resort (Australia)

The Ville Resort in Townsville, renowned for its luxurious and vibrant atmosphere, has recently upgraded its outdoor amenities, enhancing the experience for its guests. The resort has selected a combination of the 2.1m Soleil Umbrella and the 2.8m Go Large Umbrella, choices that reflect its commitment to style, comfort, and functionality.

The 2.1m Soleil Umbrella, known for its sleek design and practical size, is perfectly suited for more intimate spaces within the resort. It provides ample shade while maintaining a sense of openness and connection with the surrounding tropical beauty. Its elegant design complements the sophisticated yet relaxed vibe of The Ville Resort, creating cozy nooks for guests to unwind.

Complementing the Soleil is the 2.8m Go Large Umbrella, a larger option providing expansive coverage, ideal for the resort's spacious poolside areas and outdoor dining spaces. Its significant size ensures that guests can enjoy the warm Townsville sun in comfort and style. The Go Large Umbrella is not just a functional piece but also a design element that enhances the overall aesthetic of the resort.

The combination of these two umbrella types at The Ville Resort is a strategic choice that balances beauty and practicality. The Soleil and Go Large Umbrellas together cater to different needs within the resort, ensuring that every outdoor space, whether small or large, is adequately shaded and stylishly appointed.