The Sails Motel (Australia)

The Sails Motel in Brunswick Heads, known for its charming and relaxed atmosphere, has recently introduced an exciting addition to its outdoor setting. Embracing both style and functionality, the motel has chosen the Soleil Umbrella in Coral and White, a selection that perfectly reflects its vibrant and inviting ambiance.

These Soleil umbrellas, with their eye-catching coral and white color scheme, are more than just functional sun shades; they are integral design elements that enhance the overall aesthetic of the motel. The coral hue injects a lively, playful energy into the outdoor spaces, while the white brings a fresh, clean look that resonates with the laid-back beach vibe of Brunswick Heads.

The addition of these umbrellas at The Sails Motel transforms the outdoor areas into chic, comfortable lounging spots. Guests can relax by the pool or enjoy outdoor dining under the cool shade, surrounded by a burst of color that adds to the joyous holiday atmosphere. These umbrellas are not just practical for sun protection; they also create vibrant social spaces where guests can unwind and connect.

The Sails Motel's decision to incorporate the Soleil Umbrella in Coral and White speaks to their commitment to creating a unique and memorable experience for their guests.