The Newport (Australia)

The Newport, a distinguished venue under the Merivale brand, has recently made a notable addition to its outdoor setting, enhancing the guest experience with both style and functionality. They have selected the Commercial 2.1m Soleil Umbrella, a choice that perfectly complements the vibrant and relaxed atmosphere of this popular destination.

The Soleil Umbrella, with its practical 2.1-meter span, is designed to offer optimal shade without overwhelming the space. This makes it an ideal fit for The Newport's various outdoor areas, from the bustling dining spaces to the more tranquil lounging areas. The umbrella's design and size are perfectly suited to accommodate the diverse needs of The Newport's guests, whether they are enjoying a casual meal, a drink with friends, or simply soaking in the ambiance of the venue.

Not only does the Commercial 2.1m Soleil Umbrella provide essential sun protection, but it also contributes significantly to the aesthetic appeal of The Newport. Its sleek design and durable construction ensure that it stands as a stylish yet functional element within the venue, aligning with The Newport's commitment to creating an inviting and enjoyable environment for its patrons.

The Newport's decision to integrate the Commercial 2.1m Soleil Umbrella into their outdoor spaces is a testament to their dedication to offering a superior guest experience. This umbrella is more than just a practical addition; it's part of a carefully considered approach to ensure that every visit to The Newport is comfortable, enjoyable, and memorable, reflecting the high standards of the Merivale brand.