Howard Smith Wharves (Australia)

Howard Smith Wharves, a premier destination known for its vibrant and dynamic atmosphere, has recently upgraded its outdoor spaces with an eye-catching addition. The venue has selected the 2.1m Soleil Umbrella in White and Coral, a choice that aligns perfectly with its lively and contemporary setting.

The Soleil Umbrellas, with their striking combination of white and coral, offer a fresh and modern aesthetic that complements the energetic vibe of Howard Smith Wharves. The 2.1-meter size is ideal for creating intimate shaded areas, allowing guests to enjoy the outdoor ambiance comfortably, whether they're dining, socializing, or simply relaxing by the Brisbane River.

These umbrellas not only serve a practical purpose in providing sun protection but also play a significant role in enhancing the overall design of the wharves. The crisp white hue adds a sense of elegance and cleanliness, while the vibrant coral injects a playful and inviting energy into the space.