Bannisters, Port Stephens (Australia)

Bannisters Port Stephens, a renowned destination known for its exquisite coastal charm, has recently enhanced its outdoor amenities with a thoughtful addition. They have chosen the 2.8m Go Large umbrella in Cadet Stripe, a product that resonates with the sophisticated yet relaxed vibe of the resort.

This particular umbrella, with its sizeable 2.8-meter canopy, offers expansive shade, making it ideal for the sunny, open spaces of Bannisters Port Stephens. The Cadet Stripe design adds a touch of elegance and nautical flair, aligning perfectly with the seaside theme of the resort. Its classic stripe pattern in subtle hues effortlessly complements the natural surroundings and the resort's architectural aesthetics.

The durability and functionality of the 2.8m Go Large umbrella make it suited for the varied needs of a bustling resort. Whether it's providing comfort for guests lounging by the pool, or adding a stylish touch to outdoor dining areas, this umbrella meets the demand with grace and efficiency.